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Your data is a gold mine. Our team of machine learning and NLP experts specialise in building AI chatbots that harness your data to optimize business operations, lower support costs, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

We have trained and advised leaders at leading brands including:

  • Bright Park Capital
  • Evercore
  • Royalty Exchange
  • Scrum Inc

From the outset, Mayo demonstrated expertise and commitment to ensuring our success. Our team faced several blockers during the initial stages of an integration, and Mayo's in-depth understanding of Langchain was instrumental in helping us overcome. This knowledge has not only better equipped our team to leverage the technology but has also allowed us to plan and strategize more effectively for upcoming projects.
- Chris Ippolite, President/Director of AI at iSolutions

Chris Ippolite, President/Director of AI at iSolutions

Services - Gain a competitive edge.

We partner with ambitious organizations to successfully integrate and adopt AI at scale.

  • AI chatbots trained on your data. Build AI chatbots trained on valuable data from your documents, databases, APIs, videos, audios, and more. These chatbots are designed to save significant time and cut costs used for lead generation, customer support, and sales.
  • Document summarization and content generation. Significantly cut the time and costs of generating content by using AI to summarize long documents and generate reports.
  • Testing, evaluation, and performance improvement of AI chatbots. Ongoing refinement and improvement of the accuracy, speed, and security of your AI chatbot based on live user feedback and a growing dataset.
  • AI strategic consultation. Consultation sessions to help you design an effective strategy to utilise AI for your use case.


  • Mayo Oshin

    Founder & CEO

AI engineer and Natural language processing (NLP) specialist with a background in software engineering, marketing and finance.

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